Access Control Systems

In the modern world, the need for strict access control is now a must in all walks of life. Recognising that an open door is an opportunity to anyone wishing to carry out crimes of violence or theft, UIS can keep that door locked and keep you and your possessions safe and secure.


Whether you require a simple intercom or a sophisticated card access control system, we can provide you with a solution that is ideally suited to your needs. Please contact us for further details or technical advice.

We offer the following equipment, systems and services:

  • Access control – card based (swipe or proximity)
  • Access control – digital keypad
  • Access control – Biometrics
  • Door entry / intercoms
  • Turnstile, gates and barriers

Anyone using CCTV in conjunction with access control systems should be aware of the requirements of the CCTV Code of Practice within the Data Protection Act 1998. For more information, visit

Disabled Access & D.D.A. (1995) Regulations

UIS has a well established track record of providing access and security services for people with limited mobility or the organisations that serve them.

For example, we have installed integrated access control systems in domestic properties that combine CCTV, audio and remotely controlled door entry systems. These allow the resident to see and talk with callers and to choose whether to allow or deny admittance without having to go to the door.

In the public arena, we have installed remotely controlled cameras and audio systems in tourist venues – such as show caves – which would otherwise be inaccessible to people with restricted mobility.

We carry out every such installation in strict accordance with current law. Indeed, in this respect, we believe that we are setting the industry standard; fully cognisant of UK legislation, we have ensured that, in the last few years, all our work in this field has been made fully compliant with the demands of the DDA (1995) regulations.

Access Control Equipment

We install access control equipment from two leading suppliers – PAC and TDSI. For more information, you can visit the PAC website here and the TDSI website here.