Security system from Bosch ensures Hannah can keep its eye on the food

A security system featuring more than 40 Bosch cameras has been installed at a food processing company, with some located in the deep freeze and operating at -23 degrees C.

Hannah Foods is a family run business that has been serving the food service sector for more than 30 years. Based in Skelmersdale, the company underwent a £3 million expansion of the business in 2008 that integrated the cold store and chiller, so that all its products can be brought in from local, national and international suppliers and distributed by a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles.

A number of installers pitched for the contract but following a full demonstration from Steve Dobby, Technical Sales and Support Manager at Bosch, Hannah Foods decided to opt for the majority of the equipment from Bosch.

Mark Ashall, Operations Director for installer Unique Integrated Systems, says it was this demonstration that edged out the competition:

Mark Ashall, Operations Director, UIS
Once we were able to demonstrate the full capability of the Bosch cameras, the customer was only going to make one choice. Even those installed in the deep freeze are working flawlessly.

The system includes a mixture of 40 Bosch cameras – 455 and 498 FlexiDomes, three 600 DVRs and a keyboard: “The original system was in dire need of upgrading and knowing the slightly different challenges of this site, we always had the Bosch FlexiDomes in mind. Once the customer has seen for himself the results delivered by the superior performance of the Bosch hardware, the budget was no longer an issue.”

Hannah-Article-02The FlexiDome 2X Day/Night camera is the ultimate solution for virtually any indoor or outdoor surveillance application, even under the most challenging lighting conditions. This vandal-resistant dome camera uses a 1/3-inch, wide dynamic range CCD sensor and incorporates advanced (20-bit) digital signal processing for outstanding picture performance.


Anthony Whiteside, General Manager at Hannah Foods, says the security system has already proved invaluable: “Our old system was very weak and because of the poor quality of the images we could not prove someone’s involvement when a couple of incidents happened externally and internally,” he says.

Anthony Whiteside, General Manager at Hannah Foods


The new system is working very well, better than expected in fact. One HGV driver was lining up to reverse into one of the loading bays and clipped the building. Had it not been for the cameras we would not have known who had done it and been thousands of pounds worse off because of the damage.