High School Intruder Management

Following a break in at a local high school it appeared that the Intruder Alarm Systems had not been set, so UIS where called in to try and solve the problem. Basically, the school comprised of a number of separate buildings, all having their own Intruder Alarm System. The Caretaker advised UIS that in his absence, a relief caretaker had failed to set one of the alarms system in a rear IT block. A full site survey was then carried out and a new system was designed comprising of one main system to cover all buildings, that it could effectively be set up to act as different systems but alert the Caretaker if the system had not been fully set. UIS were then commissioned to install the system and provide a new signalling platform for the whole site. Suffice to say the school are now more than happy in the knowledge that their site is secure and their annual maintenance and monitoring charges have been cut by more than 50%.